Vaping And Vaporizers – Facts And Benefits

Even though they are still considered a recent innovation, vaporizers have quickly taken the hearts of tobacco smokers and cannabis users alike. This comes as a no surprise since vaporizers offer a number of significant advantages over standard smoking while providing the same experience and pleasures. If you are new to the world of vaping, you should definitely familiarize yourself with top benefits of vaping and look for the best vape starter kit to get yourself going.

Vaping is much healthier

Vaporizers One of the main benefits of vaping is that it is much healthier, safer and purer experience. Vaporizers work by heating up cannabis, which causes the cannabinoids to evaporate. As a result, the vapor you inhale does not contain any traces of carbon monoxide, tar, as well as other potentially harmful substances found in smoke.

When cannabis is burned, the resulting smoke contains around 87% of non-cannabinoid particles. This means that only a small fraction of pure cannabinoids makes it into the smoke. The majority of them are destroyed in the process, which results in the creation of harmful particles. On the other hand, when vaporizing cannabis, the vapor contains almost 95% of pure cannabinoid particles. The remaining 5% include caryophyllene, which is a non-toxic oil.

Vaporizers do not produce a strong smell or smoke

Vaping does not produce a strong, clinging smoke as combustion does. This is mainly due to the fact that, when vaping, certain chemicals, such as tar, are not present and do not cling and linger on clothing or other items. The resulting vapor disperses within a matter of seconds. Only those in close proximity to the person who is vaping will be able to briefly smell it.

This brings a number of advantages. First of all, your clothing and your home will no longer exude a strong smell. In addition, you can get your fix without fearing someone’s reaction, as people will have a hard time realizing what you are doing since the vapor quickly disappears. This is a very important feature, especially if you want to get your fix while being in public.

A much more cost-effective option

As we mentioned above, vaping is a much more effective means of getting the most out of cannabis. Numerous studies have shown that vaporizers are more than 40% more efficient than standard cigarettes. Simply put, this means that you will need much less cannabis for vaping than you would need for smoking. In financial terms, you can make substantial savings in the long-run, as a result of having to buy lesser quantities of cannabis. These savings will make your vaporizer pay for its own cost, usually within as little as 6 months, depending on the quantities you consume.

Very easy to use and dose

man using Vaporizers Vaporizers are very small and simple devices that are very easy and handy to use. Also, unlike the majority of other methods of consuming cannabis, vaporizers allow their users enhanced control of the dosage. With a high-quality kit, you can easily reach the high you desire. Also, due to the fact that the majority of modern vaporizers evenly vaporize cannabis, without destroying it the same way combustion does, you can be absolutely sure you will get the most out of the herb.