Tips for Choosing a Face Mask

It’s unprecedented times, and things are not the same anymore. The covid-19 pandemic has literally hit every corner of the globe, dropping bodies all over. The best way to stay away from the virus is by wearing face masks all the time. But how will you know the perfect face mask that’s right for you?

Several companies are making face masks not only for the purpose of the current coronavirus status but for all aspects of life that require face masks. You can even get the villain mask at an affordable cost. Therefore, to ensure that you purchase the right face mask that you can trust, here are some of the things that you need to put in mind;

How Effective Is It?

maskFirst, the effectiveness of a face mask is when it’s capable of protecting you accordingly. Therefore, when choosing a face mask, you should ensure that it fits snugly, but should be comfortable against your face. You don’t want to choose a face mask that you’ll be uncomfortable all the time you’re wearing it.


Also, a good face mask should be the one that’s secured with ties or the ear loops of the correct size. They’re merely the ones that will determine how the face mask will fit into your face and whether it will stick comfortably.

Fabric Layers

villain maskAnother thing that you should consider is that a good face mask should include several layers of fabric. For instance, if you’re looking for a cloth mask, you need to consider the fabric as different fabrics have different effectiveness in filtering particles. Therefore, cloth does matter with different types of clothes, making a difference. In this case here, a dual-layer mask is the ideal option that includes a heavyweight cotton layer as well as a lighter cotton (silk) layer.


It also goes without saying that your face mask must easily allow for breathing without any restriction. A face mask is to keep you safe in the first place, and therefore, it should not be doing the opposite. You should ensure that the mask makes it comfortable for you to breathe without complications. A mask that limits breathing should be considered dangerous as you don’t want to suffocate instead of keeping safe.

Depending on the setting that you’re using the face mask, it’s appropriate that you choose a face mask that’s washable without damage or even shape change. Some masks can be re-used while others are only one-time face masks; therefore, you should always choose accordingly.…

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